About Us

TEG has improved the teaching and learning experience for millions of people, with simple and powerful technology that provides job-embedded professional learning, coaching, and support.

Big thingsWe are a small group building big things.

We are a unique bunch. With backgrounds in education, technology, literature, design, non-profit management, sales, and much (much) more, the TEG team is uniquely positioned to create projects and opportunities to engage and inspire a diverse community - with sleek technology and incredible people skills. 

We are a Maryland-based company, founded in 2007 by Hugh Norwood and Clyde Boyer on the wildly inflated assumption that they might be able to make a living doing the work they liked with the people they liked. We’ve been thriving ever since.

Our Team

Founder and CEO
Co-Founder and CIO
CEO, Education
VP, Product Management
VP, Finance and Administration
Director of Operations
Project Manager
Senior Consultant

TEG Values


Simple is better
than complex


Technology should
be people focused


Do good. Have fun.
Make money.
In that order. 

Our Tools

A competency-based Professional Learning Platform

Past Tools

DIR Contracts

Stuff on a deskInterested in joining the TEG team?

We work as a distributed workforce with flexible work-life balance, utilizing collaboration tools to efficiently and effectively get the job done. We are continuing to grow and expand and are always looking for great talent to add to the TEG family. If you think you might be a good fit, send your resume and a cover letter letting us know how you can help us improve the world of teaching and learning!

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